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We treat every property listing as if it is its own small business, to be promoted with a level of creativity, energy, effort and smarts to ensure the business will succeed.  Since every piece of real estate is different in at least some way from every other property, achieving the best results for our clients requires a truly custom approach for each listing’s marketing materials.  We carefully identify what sets your property apart from others, then work to incorporate those advantages into a compelling presentation, while ensuring the presentation will appeal to the specific most likely buyer types for the property.

In the marketing examples listed below which can be clicked on to view/download, we show the variety of approaches we’ve used for recent listings in the last 18 months, in order to meet the goal of: 1) promoting the property in its best light, and 2) appealing to the highest-and-best buyers for the listing.  The 1st section is a catalogue of video presentations of different types, primarily for luxury residential properties, the 2nd section shows examples for Offering Memoranda used when promoting investment real estate.  The last section shows examples of property-specific websites, though this approach with pull-down menus is less applicable today except for certain property types.

Note that these marketing examples only illustrate the virtual side of our marketing; we also invest greatly in printed marketing collateral – high-end professional-grade glossy brochures/booklets, print advertising in publications for the identified best target buyers, and deluxe direct mail pieces.  We can provide samples of our printed collateral in a brief meeting – or mail to you – to demonstrate the quality and financial investment we make to ensure every property listing will sell for its top value.

Marketing Videos

The videos we produce are all overseen by our in-house marketing team, with contributions from top-of-the-line videographers, photographers, voice-over actors, screen actors and other marketing/production professionals.  The examples listed below are some of the most recent videos we’ve produced to custom-promote our clients’ listings, in a way most appropriate to convey value to the highest-and-best buyer for each listing.  There are 2 main types of videos we produce: 

1) The “Virtual Showing”, which is a long-form video of typically 10-15 minutes, where a potential buyer can learn in detail about the property from a remote location; the Virtual Showing video method is used more for high-end residential listings where a buyer is likely to come from outside of the local area, and the property is exquisitely finished with much to describe.

2) A more traditional length marketing video of 2-5 minutes, where there is less to describe, or there is reason to stick with a more emotional punch of a short video only.

For best viewing of the videos, enlarge to full-screen and play with the sound on.

Isla Vista Development Opportunity
Price: $995,000
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(Traditional Marketing Video)

Offering Memoranda

For most of our investment-related listings, we prepare a PDF file presentation in the Offering Memorandum format – a compendium of property data, photos, floorplans, site plans, location notes, demographics, and when appropriate financial data and projections.  We can prepare separate versions including or not including financials, or restrict release of the financials version upon signing of a confidentiality agreement.  Our goal is to have each Offering Memorandum highlight the key specific advantages of the investment property listing, while presenting in an easy-to-understand and pleasing-to-view format, and contain enough detail to answer initial investor questions to stimulate their interest.  Below are several examples of recent Offering Memoranda our in-house marketing team has produced for various types of investment-related real estate.  These examples can be accessed by clicking on the URL to view, then downloading the PDF file from there.

Other Virtual Marketing Examples

We can also create more traditional pull-down menu websites for property listings when appropriate, though that format is less common these days for a residential listing where the text, photos and floorplan are already readily available to everyone in the public marketing.  Below are a few recent examples where we’ve developed a pull-down menu website; the listing for the large historic compound had many facets to describe, so the menu format was particularly useful to convey understanding and value to a buyer of this complicated listing.  Another example below shows a newer flip-book format, which had positive feedback from buyers and agents.  As always, the goal is to be as thoughtful and creative as we can in order to provide the most compelling presentation to elicit a property’s top value.